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how do you do? is a passion project that came to life through the burgeoning curiosity of the team behind rodeo software.

“there is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” - Edward de Bono

Through the years of trying to continuously perfect a project management tool that helps teams revolutionize the way they manage their projects, the team at Rodeo quickly discovered that our main target market was creative businesses. 

From marketing and branding agencies, to video production and design studios, and architects to advertising companies, project managers from all types of creative organizations around the globe are using Rodeo to whip their projects into shape.

This match made in heaven could only have materialized from a deep understanding of the creative process, and a deep fascination for art in any shape or form.

By getting to know our clients and their success stories better, and through developing thought-leadership content for Rodeo's blog, we started to feel the unyielding desire to dive much deeper into what creativity means, and how nurturing and guiding the creative process can lead to the most interesting and successful projects.

How it all started!

First, we set out to shine some light upon the amazing teamwork behind some of the world's most famous creative projects. Giving you a behind-the-scenes recap of the success story behind Airbnb, for example, and the Super Bowl commercial that made Apple computers a household name.

Next thing you know, we are getting all up close and personal with some of the key people involved in realizing some of the most interesting creative projects in recent years. Such as the art installation "Arc de Triomphe, wrapped" in Paris and Amsterdam's very first 3D-printed canal bridge

"Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." - Albert Einstein


Continuing to inspire you with creative stories from the world of design, advertising, branding, architecture, fashion, film, and anything else you might think of, we decided it's time we involve YOU.

We invite you to dive deeper into the spectrum of your creative personality type, by taking this fun test we developed in collaboration with published author and TEDx speaker Meta Wagner.

But we also want to hear about the creative projects you have been working on too! Come on, don't be shy, say hi! Find that HUGE submit button on our website and upload the project you are most proud of. Who knows, we might want to create an article about it. 

creative stories about teamwork
creative stories about teamwork

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