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Rodeo Software B.V. & Howdoyoudo - Privacy Statement 

Your privacy is very important to Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo B.V., hereinafter referred to as Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo, we or us. This Privacy Statement applies to our websites,, and (hereinafter referred to as the websites and/or application), and also applies to when you visit our offices in Amsterdam or elsewhere and to all (commercial) relationships between Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo and its customers, suppliers and partners. 

This Privacy Statement provides information about the personal data collected by Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo and the way in which Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo uses and processes these personal data. 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo wishes to emphasise that it will always try to act in accordance with "Privacy Legislation", namely (1) the EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC and/or (3) (future) Dutch or European legislation regarding the implementation of the aforementioned Regulation. 

Visiting the website, taking the creative test, uploading your own project, creating a (trial) account with a view to using the application, trying out our demo environment, creating an account with a view to using the primary services of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo, subscribing to the newsletter and/or applying for a live or video demo or event implies your explicit approval (by means of providing your personal data or opt-in) of the Privacy Statement and therefore your approval of the way we collect, use and process your personal data. 

Please read this Privacy Statement in conjunction with Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo's cookie policy. 


  • Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo uses the information you provide to us to enable our primary provision of services: the provision of online business software. 

  • We do not exchange data with third parties, unless this is necessary to provide our primary services. 

  • The way in which we handle and securely store your data is entirely in accordance with European law. 

  •  All data (including the data that you have entered within Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo) is stored within the EU. 

Types of personal data 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo may collect and process the following personal data: 

  • Surname 

  • First name 

  • Function 

  • Company name 

  • Company address 

  • E-mail address

  • Telephone number (landline/mobile)

  • Password

  • VAT number

  • Chamber of Commerce number

  • Account number

  • Information regarding your use of the website, the application of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo (hereinafter referred to as the application (such as, but not limited to heat maps, records of your surfing behaviour, IP address, browser type, the web page that you visited when you accessed the website)

  • Communication preferences

  • Any other personal data given voluntarily to Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo (e.g. during correspondence with Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo) 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo also automatically collects anonymous information regarding your use of the website and the services of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo via the application.

For example, Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo will automatically track which parts of the website or application you visit, which web browser you use and which website you visited before you accessed the website. We cannot identify you on the basis of these data, but this allows Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo to compile statistics on the use of the website and the application in order to optimise our primary services. 

Collecting personal data

Personal data are collected within the framework of: 

  • Visits to the website.

  • Creation of a (trial) account.

  • Taking the creative test on Howdoyoudo

  • Uploading your own project to Howdoyoudo

  • A collaboration with Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo.

  • Use of the services of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo, whether or not by means of the website and/or the application

  • Subscription to the newsletter and/or the blog (whether or not via the website)

  • Signing up for a demo, by video or via one of our employees.

  • Verification of your identity (e.g. when contacting support)

  • Any correspondence that takes place between you and Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo

  • Sharing your ideas with Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo regarding the improvement of the services, the website or the application.

  • A link between the application and social network/media platforms or other applications 

The personal data collected by Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo are therefore expressly and voluntarily provided by you. 

Use of personal data 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo may use your personal data for the following purposes: 

  • Creating a (trial) account and confirmation thereof.

  • Providing the primary services of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo.

  • Providing the services of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo, whether or not by means of the website and/or the application.

  • Providing support via chat, e-mail or telephone. 

  • Sending targeted marketing and advertising, updates and promotional offers on the basis of your communication preferences and - if applicable - on the basis of your explicit approval

  • Sending invoices and collecting payments.

  • Sending newsletters and/or blog articles. 

  • Confirming the registration for a demo by video or via one of our colleagues.

  • Optimising the quality, management and content of the website and/or the application

  • Statistical purposes. 

  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys, questionnaires and other market research. 

Processing takes place on the following legal grounds, where appropriate:

  • You have given your consent to the processing of your personal data for one or more specific purposes;

  • Processing is necessary for the performance of the agreement with Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into an agreement;

  • Processing is necessary in order to comply with a legal obligation to which Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo is subject; 

  • Processing is necessary in order to protect your vital interests or those of another natural person;

  • Processing is necessary for the performance of a task of general interest. 

  • Processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo or a third party, unless your interests or fundamental rights and freedoms, which require the protection of personal data, outweigh those interests (especially when you are a minor). 

Disclosing personal data to third parties 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo will not disclose your personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary in connection with provision of the services of Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo and the optimisation thereof (such as, but not limited to, maintenance, payment processing, providing services to Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo (e.g. subcontracting) and database management). In this context, your personal data may be disclosed to payment providers, software suppliers, cloud partners, data centres, hosting partners, external IT consultants and service providers. 

If it is necessary for Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo to disclose your personal data to third parties in this context, the relevant third party is obliged to use your personal data in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Statement. 

Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is, however, possible for Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo to disclose your personal data: 

To the competent authorities (1) when Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo is obliged to do so by law or in the context of a judicial or a future judicial procedure and (2) in order to protect and defend our rights; 

When Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo or nearly all of its assets are acquired by a third party and therefore your personal data - which Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo has collected - will be part of the transferred assets; 

With a view to detecting similar profiles such as yours, unless you have explicitly opposed to that. 

In all other cases, Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo will not sell, lease or disclose your personal data to third parties, unless it (1) has obtained your consent and (2) has concluded a DPA with the relevant third party, which contains the necessary guarantees concerning the confidentiality and privacy conformity of your personal data. 

Storage of personal data Unless a longer retention period is required or justified (1) by law or (2) by compliance with another legal obligation, Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo will only store your personal data for the period necessary to achieve and fulfil the purposes as described in the Privacy Statement under 'use of personal data'. 

Your privacy rights 

As part of the processing of your personal data, you have the following privacy rights: 

  • Right to access any personal data Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo may have about you; Right to rectification, completion or updating of your personal data; 

  • Right to have your personal data deleted ('right to be forgotten') (However, in this context, Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo would like to point that it will no longer be possible for you to access certain services or it will no longer be possible to provide these services if you delete - or arrange for the deletion of - certain necessary personal data); 

  • Right to a restriction on the processing of your personal data; 

  • Right to transferability of your personal data; Right to object to the processing of your personal data. 

If you wish to exercise your privacy rights, please contact or  or complete the form for exercising your privacy rights and send it to Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo via e-mail, by post or in person. 

In principle, you can exercise these rights free of charge using the above form. In addition, you can always update, change and/or verify your personal details - which you had to provide when creating your (trial) account - via 'my account'. 

If you no longer wish to receive newsletters and/or information about our services, you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of each e-mail from Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo.

Personal data security 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo undertakes to take reasonable, physical, technological and organisational measures with a view to preventing (1) unauthorised access to your personal data, and (2) loss, misuse or alteration of your personal data. 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo will store all personal data it has collected in the cloud (in data centre(s) within the EU). 

Despite Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo's security policy, and despite the checks it carries out and the actions it takes in this respect, a perfect level of security cannot be guaranteed. No method of transfer or transmission via the internet, nor any method of electronic storage is 100% secure, so Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo cannot guarantee absolute security in this context. 

Finally, the security of your (trial) account will also depend on the confidentiality of your password to gain access to the application. Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo will never ask you for your password, so you are obliged not to disclose it yourself. If you have disclosed your password to a third party - for example, because this third party indicated that is will offer you additional services - this third party will gain access to your (trial) account and personal data via your password. In that case, you will be personally liable for the actions taken through the use of your (trial) account. Therefore, Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo strongly advises you to immediately change your password and to contact us if you have established that someone has gained access to your (trial) account. 

Cross-border processing of personal data 

Any transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to an addressee residing or having its registered office in a country which is not covered by an adequacy decision issued by the European Commission, will be governed by the provisions of a data transfer agreement, which will contain (1) the standard contractual clauses, as set out in the 'Decision of the European Commission of 5 February 2010 (Decision 2010/87/EU)', or (2) any other mechanism under the privacy legislation or any other legislation concerning the processing of personal data. 

Updating the Privacy Statement 

Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo is entitled to update this Privacy Statement by posting a new version on the website. You are strongly advised to regularly consult the website and the relevant page that contains the Privacy Statement to ensure that you are aware of any changes. 

Other websites The website and/or the blog may contain hyperlinks to other websites. By clicking on any of these links, you may be directed to another website or internet resource that may openly collect information about you, or use cookies or other technologies to do so. Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo bears no responsibility nor has it any liability or control over these other websites or internet resources, nor over the way in which they collect, use or distribute your personal data. You should review the privacy policies of these other websites and internet resources to determine whether they comply with Privacy Legislation. 

Please contact Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo if you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or about the way in which Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo collects, uses or processes your personal data:

Via e-mail: or, or by post via: Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo B.V., Westermarkt 2K, 1016 DK, Amsterdam. 

If you are dissatisfied with the way in which Rodeo Software or Howdoyoudo has handled these questions or comments, or if you have any complaints about the way Rodeo Software & Howdoyoudo collects, uses or processes your data, you may submit a complaint to the Privacy Commission.