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Creative stories about teamwork

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create a space for creative project managers to expand their imagination, discover new ideas and share their own?

Do of course!

how do you do is a creative platform to support, inspire and celebrate people in the creative industry. We're dedicated to seeking out new creative talent and telling their stories. People who have made great work, people who have tried new things, and people who have left their mark on the industry, and maybe beyond.

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Creative test

see yourself?

What's your creative type? Call us biased, but we believe creativity is at the core of every good team. Creativity doesn't just mean cycling shorts and psy-trance life drawing classes. Everyone has a creative role to play, depending on what motivates you to do creative work. So, what kind of creative are you? Take this simple (but very intelligent) test - created in collaboration with author & TEDx speaker, Meta Wagner - to find out.

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What project still lights a fire in your belly?

HDYD is the brainchild of Rodeo, an easy-to-use project management tool for the creative industry.